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nimil reviews Tap Tap Revenge (IPHONE)

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nimil said...

the game is a rhythm game, not unlike dance dance revolution or guitar hero. your goal is to tap glowing orbs as they roll down one of 3 tracks on the screen to the beat of the song. i’ve only played easy mode and a bit of medium but it seems to get harder as you progress in the game, in some of the medium levels there were lots more orbs to hit and it required me to use 2 and sometimes 3 fingers to hit all the combos.

i really love rhythm games so this was a treat for me. the songs were awesome and it even had one of my recent faves, fireflies by owl city. every song has its own special artwork associated with it, which is pretty cool, but sometimes it can be a hindrance when you need to know when to tap and hold a button down but you can’t see the glowing trail behind the orb because it blends into the background.

all in all i’d say this is a great time waster, and i hope i don’t tap a hole in my ipod playing it lol. tap tap revenge 3 is made by tapulous and can be found in the app store for free under the games category.

Game Traits applied to Tap Tap Revenge (IPHONE) by nimil

  • The Setting:
    music, Rhythm Track
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    touch screen, Rhythm-based
  • General Tone:
Tap Tap Revenge

Tap Tap Revenge (IPHONE)

Genre/Style: Unknown
Release Date: 07/JUL/08
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